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Wedding Photographers In Dalton GA

Dalton GA wedding photographers are easy to find.  Finding the right wedding photographer in Dalton, GA, is another thing all together.

In this image we had the bride standing on stage with no natural lighting.  It was in a church that had no windows.  A off-camera-flash on camera right provided the light we needed.  We did not light the brides right side to allow for more shadows.  You can see more of these type of images in our wedding gallery.

There are also a number of images in this session that shows the background (with 2nd light).

Being able to deal with poor lighting conditions is what sets Dalton Wedding Photographers apart.  We realize that we are not the only photographers in Dalton or Chatsworth.  But I promise you we will provide the best service and spectilar images of your wedding day.

Location: 2681 Underwood St, Dalton, GA 30721.

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