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Six Chattanooga Brides

Weddings in the Chattanooga can be very special.  To contact us about booking your special wedding in Chattanooga or elsewhere just let us know.  We have a 30 second contact form, that is perfect.  In this image we had 6 (six) brides combined into a single wedding shoot.  All of these brides are the best of friends.  They were "the group" starting in elementary school and continuing through college.  When the last one in the group got married at a Chattanooga Wedding, they wanted to get together and have a photo session.  They all got dressed just like they were on their wedding day.  Complete with hair and makeup.  Then they got their wedding dress and shoes.  Our unique problems was, how do we shoot six brides, all at the same time, in a single shoot.  We took them down by the creek and started shooting.  We have other pictures from this shoot in our wedding portfolio.

Chattanooga Weddings With Meaning

Actually this specific wedding session fit us perfectly.  Our desire is to always capture wedding pictures that have meaning.  That help tell a back story.  We want all our clients to have the same feelings about their pictures as they did the day of their wedding.  Since all of these brides were married at different times and some even in different years.  While we could not capture the feelings of each specific day, we took an approach to capture their friendships.

Chattanooga Wedding Venues

When it comes to wedding venues, we do not make specific recommendations.  There are so many wedding venues in the Chattanooga area and we love them all. Some couples are looking for a formal setting and others may be looking for a more rustic barn wedding.  What we have done for you was to compile a pretty good list of wedding venues in the Chattanooga area.  If you are in Georgia and looking for wedding venues there we still have you covered with our Georgia wedding venues, that you may want to look at.

The Best Chattanooga Wedding Photographers

Very simply, the best wedding photographer is the one that fits you.  That is a very simple statement, but let me explain.  Each photographer has his or hers own way (style) of photographing weddings and events.  We are a team and use a more journalistic photography.  We also combine a more traditional style of posing for formal groups or individuals.

So how do you find out a photographers style?  The best way and most recommended is to look at the images on their website.

Make sure the photographer has a website that presents a variety of images in various situations and multiple locations.  There are many photographers that have a presence on social media but do not have a website.  To those photographers the industry standard recommendation is to move on.  The reason is simply, a few images on social media does not represent a complete body of work.  While they may be excellent photographers, it is more likely that they may not be.  Are you willing to risk your wedding day, without a positive feeling about your photographers.

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1/200; f/4.0; ISO 1600; 18.0 mm.

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