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The Barn At Ross Farm Wedding Photos

Wedding Photographer at Barn at Ross Farm

The photo opportunities at The Barn At Ross Farm are almost endless.  We have a complete Georgia Wedding Venue list, if you would like to review the website of this or other wedding venues.  Either way, The Barn At Ross Farm, will be an awesome venue for your special day.

In this specific image the bride requested a top down view of the couple.  She also wanted both a close-up and a full frame image.  While we could have cropped a close-up detail view from the full frame image, we took a series of images that they loved.

Why not crop the full frame image?  We could have done that and there is nothing wrong with cropping an image.  Happens every day by every photographer.  But with this specific image the crop would have been too much of a hard crop.  A hard crop is when 80-90 percent of the image is cropped out.  The result is less detail in the final "cropped" image.

Barn At Ross Farm Wedding Pictures

You want your images take at your wedding at The Barn at Ross Farm to be the best that can be obtained.  That is why we may not "hard crop" an image.  Choosing instead to recompose and capture the final image at the proper image size.

Want to see more of our engagement gallery or wedding portfolio.  If you have any questions, requests or just need more information, please use our quick 30-sec contact form.  We promise a quick response ASAP.

Location: 424 Hopewell Road, Cohutta, GA 30710.

1/250; f/2.8; ISO 200; 24.0 mm.

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