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What Is An Unplugged Wedding?

What Is An Unplugged Wedding?

In simple terms, an unplugged wedding is when the wedding couple formally ask that guest refrain from taking pictures or videos during the wedding ceremony.  Unplugged weddings have seen a significant increase in popularity in recent years.


Most couples decision to have an unplugged wedding is not at the wedding photographers request.  We believe the increase in unplugged weddings is based on the disruption caused by guest taking pictures.  Plus, the loss of connection when guests are taking pictures.
As wedding photographers, we deal with situations as they occur.  We do not recommend or demand that the wedding couple have an unplugged or traditional wedding.  That is a decision that the couple makes and we support their request.
There are times when an aggressive guest with a cell phone steps into the aisle as the bride enters.  There are also times when a guest may stand a tri-pod in front of the couple during the ceremony.  Making it almost impossible for the wedding photographer to photograph the couple without the person or equipment being in the image.  Even with all those distractions, as professional wedding photographers we can work around these hindrances.

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What we have found is, it is the connection between the guests and wedding couple.  It might be a bit difficult to explain, but it is like you can feel the difference.  An example we often use is; if the bride or groom take a quick glance at the guests during the ceremony, in an unplugged wedding they see faces, intently focused on the them and the events.  In a non-unplugged wedding they will see cell phones and cameras instead of faces.


Unplugged Wedding SignThat part is simple.  On your invitations you just add a line, “We are having an unplugged wedding, please no pictures or videos during the ceremony.
Then follow that with a sign (usually displayed at the guest book location).  The sign may read something like, “Welcome to our unplugged wedding.  Please refrain from using any electronic devices during the ceremony”.
One last step, have the person who will be performing the ceremony announcing that all guests should put away all electronic devices during the ceremony. 

Even after all of this, there will be one or two guests that will ignore all the signs and announcements.  You may choose to do nothing or appoint an usher or someone to politely remind the guest of the announcements.  Do not ask your photographer to remind guests of this infraction.

The "unplugged wedding" sign above is provided to our clients free of charge upon request.  It is part of our total service we provide.  If you need more information or have questions please call or use our contact form and we will be happy to get back to you ASAP.

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