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The Views At Sunset Ridge Cleveland TN - Wedding Venue

We Want To Be The Best Wedding Photographers

It does not matter if we are shooting weddings in Chattanooga, TN or very locally in Chatsworth or Dalton, GA. Our clients are happy with our service and photography style.

If you want to see more of our work please look at our wedding gallery. Of course, you could always just get started now and drop us a line on our contact page.

Still not sure how to find the best wedding photographer for you, we have some information on how to find the Best Wedding Photographer for you.

We are 5-Star rated on Google and other sites, but wanted to include testimonials we get from email or letters.

All testimonials are real and printed as we got them. Again our goal is to be the best Photographers you use.

What Are Our Photography Clients Saying?

"I can't say enough good things about Bill & Jessica. I contacted several photographers in the Chattanooga area and he was by far the most prompt with his responses and information. I had one who didn't email me back at all and one who told me they had a photographer available for me only to email me and change their mind a few days later and say they might could get another if I was interested. There were no games with Bill & Jessica and I really appreciated that. I proposed to my girlfriend in Chattanooga, TN and Bill & Jessica was there is the pouring rain capturing every shot that he could despite the circumstances.

He told us several times that we were the star of the day and that he would be there to capture everything as long as we wanted. He even offered to drive back up on a sunny day and do more pictures if we wanted.

I recommend Bill & Jessica and this company for weddings, proposals, and engagements. He did a phenomenal job capturing our special day despite terrible weather circumstances and provided us with memories that will last a lifetime. He was extremely easy to work with and made my day much easier while planning my proposal."

Dr. Corey Koogler

"We considered other wedding photographers; however, none impressed us with capability and assurance displayed by Bill and Jessica Photography. We were not disappointed with our decision to hire them as our wedding photographer for my daughter’s wedding. Professionalism and creativity were displayed in every aspect by Bill and Jessica, as well as their staff of photographers. This was more than evident in every photograph. Each one captured perfectly, the beauty of the day, in a way that required a photographer thinking outside the box. They incorporated the traditional as well as the modern using exquisite imagination to create shots that we would have never thought of ourselves. Our family and guests commented on the ease and feeling of comfort when group photos were taken. They were made to feel relaxed due to the demeanor and personality of truly professional photographers. All meetings and planning, prior to the wedding, were conducted in a proficient and organized manner allowing my daughter and her fiance to express their desires. We were extremely satisfied with the time and effort shown by Bill and Jessica and staff on the day of the wedding. They were there for the entire day, leaving the reception when the cleaning crew arrived. They made sure not to allow a single memory of our daughter’s special day to slip away. The quality of each photograph proved to be excellent upon viewing the images taken. Personality, punctuality, organization, etc. are indeed important but ultimately you want moments to be captured in a way that a story is told. Bill and Jessica Photography did more than accomplish this task. A look, a touch, an expression even a movement all were caught on camera and will remain priceless to our family. We cannot thank these photographers enough for giving us beautiful memories of a fairy tale wedding. My family was pleased with our choice, as we have contracted Bill and Jessica Photography a second time for our other daughter’s upcoming wedding."

Sandy Griffin

Chatsworth, GA

The Views At Sunset Ridge Cleveland TN Wedding Pictures

"We chose Bill and Jessica as our wedding photographer and couldn't be happier with the results. Your wedding day is supposed to be the most magical and important day of your life, so it only makes sense that you want the best when it comes to remembering that day. The photos that we have will always remind us of the best day of our lives. The kindness and patience that we were shown by Bill and Jessica and their employees during the long and extremely exciting day is something that we will never forget. You worry and stress about a lot of things on your wedding day, but our photos were never one of them. Thank you Bill and Jessica!!"

Morgan and Chase Sanford

Crandall, GA

"The photos that Bill & Jessica take are truly works of art. They are so very talented to be able to see the small details that most of us would miss. That and the fact that they are close to a perfectionist when it comes to their photography. Beautiful work. If you haven't used their services then you are missing out on one of the best in the business.

Betty H

Cincinnati, OH

Bill and Jessica are AMAZING. They are fun to work with and have such unique ideas. I wouldn't recommend anyone other than Bill and Jessica and I wouldn't let anyone else but them do mine! They have done my pictures on several occasions and I've never ever been disappointed! They are AWESOME!

KaLeigh F.

Chatsworth, GA

Best Wedding Photographers in Dalton and Chatsworth

"The pictures turned out better than I could ever imaged! You are wonderful and was able to capture just what I wanted for engagement photos. Your ideas are unequal and captures even the emotion that is so desired in engagement photo. I couldn't have asked for a more polite and skilled photographer. Thank you so much for capturing the most memorial and treasured moments of my life."

Danielle B.

Chattanooga, TN

"You totally amazed us with pictures of my daughters wedding day. As always I've been so pleased with the quality of all your work. I love that you have been able to capture so many moments and memories for my family."

Jennifer M.

Chatsworth, GA

"It was so nice to have such a wonderful photographer at our wedding. The images are outstanding and will be treasured…"

Leah M.

Kathleen, GA

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