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Cloer Barn Wedding Ceremony


Have you booked the Cloer Barn as your wedding venue or thinking about booking the Cloer Barn?

We have experience photographing weddings at this venue. You can see additional examples of our wedding photography.

The Cloer Barn is a popular venue and is the go-to venue in North Georgia. We have no connection to any venue.

We do have a list of Chattanooga Wedding Venues as well as Georgia Wedding Venues.

Want to talk to us about your wedding photography please contact us and you will get a quick reply and answers to your questions.

Mother Of The Bride At Cloer barn


This is going to sound too simple. But the thing that makes this venue special is its simplicity. That is not saying it is without outstanding features.

Outstanding features at this venue are just the beginning. Think of it as a beautiful painting that you can use as a background to paint your wedding day.

You can have your wedding outside, for a beautiful outdoor wedding. You can also move indoors to have a covered ceremony. This venue is a place waiting for to add your personal touch, making your wedding as unique as you like.

The inside has romantic lighting. There is ample light for dining and dancing, but requires a wedding photographer with the skill set to shoot in this low light situation.

We have the experience and lighting equipment (if needed) to give your pictures that wow factor.

To us it is all about getting the images the client is looking for, regardless of what it takes. We can be pretty to watch sometimes.

Yes, we have photographed a few weddings at The Cloer Barn. But, we are just as capable of shooting a venue for the first time.

If you need engagement pictures we have you covered. Take a moment to check our engagement gallery to see other examples.

Early Morning At Cloer Barn Chatsworth


Just in case you have never heard of an unplugged wedding, it just means that the guests are asked not to take pictures during the ceremony. I can tell you from the weddings that we photograph, the unplugged weddings are more connected with the couple.

From the couples perspective, when you glance at the guest and instead of seeing cellphones and cameras, you see the faces of your guest. That is where the connection comes from. You may hear some photographers say, "people get in our way" and that is true. I can't tell you the number of times someone has stood up in front of us. Sometimes they even step into the aisle as the bride enters. We never tell our couples that they must or should have an unplugged wedding. The truth is, we want to do what the couple wants. Our job, is to work around and with whatever issues occur. It is your wedding, not ours. Do things your way. Make this your special day. Our job is to record the events of the day and capture those special moments as they happen. Unplugged or not, that is your option.

Beautiful Bouquet Made From Wood. Just some amazing thing we see at weddings.

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If you decide to have a "first look" there will be a lot of opportunities at this venue. With everything for fence lines to an old buckboard. There is also a bit of a hill to the side that a photographer with a bit of imagination could to stage this event.

With that said you may just want to suggest to your photographer that he/she use the lines of the rustic fence at any of the gate locations. We have done this as well as having the bride come from the barn and meet the groom in front. This will give you an image with the iconic barn in the background. So, when it comes to first looks this should be an ideal location.


Inside the barn there are dressing rooms for both the bride and the groom. There is also a small dressing in a separate building that is most commonly used for the bride and bridesmaids.

Like most barn locations the dressing rooms are small. That does not mean they are unworkable. What it does mean is, you need to keep the clutter down as much as possible. There are going to be a lot of "getting ready" pictures that will be taken there. The advice we give to our wedding couples is to decorate the dressing room just a bit, to tie it in with the other wedding pictures.

The dressing room does have a full length mirror which is always handy for checking the look of the dress. Not to mention additional photo opts for the photographer.


After the ceremony, comes the celebration. The barn has a concrete floor that is perfect for dancing. With bands or DJ's setting up on the sides or in the corner. It is perfect to dance the night away. All mixed with great friends and family and food.

Make sure you have plenty of food for your guest. You do not want guest leaving hungry. Plus, if you have music they may need the energy to burn up the dance floor. Everything from the wedding couples first dance to the other featured dances, like mother son and father daughter.

The cutting of the cake is a special time and adds to the celebration. The Cloer Barn has ample room for a section to be setup for that tradition.

As the reception winds down, it's time to throw the bouquet and the garter toss.


The more weddings we do, the more we notice, how traditions are different in the south. The departure, with sparklers, bubbles or glow sticks, is a mainstay of a southern wedding. While it does occur in other parts of the country it just not done anymore. Not saying it never happens. Just saying that every southern wedding has a departure (send off). This departure is just as important as any other part of the wedding.

The Cloer Barn offers excellent opportunities for some amazing departure. With the main doors open or closed, it makes for an ending to that perfect wedding.

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