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Chattanooga Wedding Photograper


We are Bill & Jessica Photography and we are wedding photographers in Chattanooga, including Southeast Tennessee and North Georgia.

We are best know for our southern style wedding photography.  However, our engagement, family, maternity, infant and pet photography are our other specialties.


Being a Chattanooga wedding photographer is not an easy task, we understand that.  Time after time we have stepped up to prove we are ready.

To stay on top we put in a lot of long hours and a ton of hard work.  We are the innovators, using ever tool at our disposal to provide our wedding clients, the very best of everything.

Wedding Photographs at 2400 On The River

Our client centered approach make us the best option as your wedding photographer.  Client Centered means, we put the needs of the wedding couple first in everything we do.

We love to hear from our wedding couples, you can click here to see a few testimonials from some of our previous clients.

We recently did a very small elopement for a couple coming up from Atlanta.  It was just a ceremony, no guest and reception to be when they got back to their hometown.  We got an unexpected email that said;

"We had our reception 2 weeks ago and everyone was raving about our pictures. Thank you so much they are special memories."

The point here is, it does not matter if your wedding is small and simple or large and elaborate.  It does not matter if you wedding is downtown Chattanooga or in the surrounding area.  Our approach is the same, cover the day in such a way that the images not only have memories but have feelings.

You have hundreds of photographers in the Chattanooga area that will photograph your wedding.  Only a few of those will be the right fit for you. Choose us as your wedding photographers and your problem is solved.  We have a few hundred images from previous weddings that you can look at to see the type of work we do.  As well as information on our wedding photography style.


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