chatsworth ga wedding and cloer barn reception flower girl tired

Kids Steal The Show At Weddings

Kids are going to be kids and that will still the show.  It is absolutely true and as wedding photographers we love it.  You see, it is just the way God intended it.  They don’t have to mess up walking in.  They don’t have to drop the flowers or rings.  Kids just have to be kids.  It is a moment in every wedding that we look forward to.  As adults we walk in dressed in our Sunday best thinking we are something.  Then in walks the flower girl, sometimes dropping flower peddles and sometime not.  Either way, all eyes turn to them and everyone forgets all about the adults.  It happens every wedding in Chatsworth and every wedding in Chattanooga, it doesn’t matter where the wedding is, the kids are there to still the show.

dalton ga wedding ringbearer tells groom correct time on new watch

Groom Thinks He Has A Watch – Yeah Right!

At a wedding at Free Hope Baptist Church Chatsworth, GA, the ring-bearer noticed the grooms watch.  So what does he do?  He shows the groom his watch and started explaining all the things his watch could do.  Most importantly, it was right in the middle of group pictures.  I am telling you, kids are doing the cutest things at weddings everywhere.