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Simply stated we have the training and experience to produce those unique and memorable Chattanooga wedding images.

When clients call us the best Chattanooga wedding photographers, well, just makes us feel good.  Here is what some people are saying. Sometimes, they are referring to our service, fun style, our wedding images or all the above.  To find out more information on our pricing and availability, take 30 seconds to complete our simple contact form.  We promise someone will respond ASAP.  We will not keep you waiting.

There is nothing more rewarding than getting to work as a wedding photographer in the southeast.

Waterhouse Pavilion At Miller Plaza


We push the limits when it comes to our wedding photography.  Always looking for that perfect angle or position.  That is because we want to capture the feelings of the day.  Our goal is to tell the entire wedding story of your special day.

To us it is more than memories.  To be able to look at our images and have the same feelings you had during your wedding day.  Every picture is a memory but only some photographers capture pictures with feelings as well.  That is our goal.


Not only do we have take a fun and relaxed attitude we provide service that goes above and beyond.  You wedding will not be our first rodeo.  We have the training, experience, equipment and desire to make your wedding as special as you expect.

Sometimes called "hand holding" we are happy to provide insight and answers to your questions about your wedding day.  After all, this may be new to you and you will not be up-to-date with the latest trends.  Let me assure you we have been there and done that.  With in excess of one hundred thousand images, there is not too much we have not seen.

Dalton Golf and Country Club Wedding Photographer


Other than the style of dress (both men and women), the two most popular trends is an unplugged wedding and bride and groom first looks.

We are seeing that about 80% of the weddings today are unplugged weddings.

So what is an unplugged wedding?

An unplugged wedding is when the wedding couple request that guest put away their cell phone, cameras and tablets and join with them them in the wedding day.  We have a more in-depth explanation in this article "What is an unplugged wedding".

What is a "First Look" at wedding?

Traditionally, the first time the Groom sees the Bride on the wedding day is when she enters at the wedding ceremony.  First looks prior to the wedding ceremony are less popular in the south.  A first look is gaining in popularity in south.  Just not as fast as in other parts of the country.  The national average for weddings with a first look is around 75%.  In the south, a pre-ceremony first look is around 50%.  The advantage of a first look is it gives you time to take group pictures prior to the ceremony.  To some people getting the formal pictures out of the way, gives them more time for other parts of the wedding.

We do not encourage wedding couples either way.  What do encourage is to do what they want.  First looks, do not make it easier on us as photographers.  So think about it and that is what you should go with.

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1/4000; f/1.8; ISO 100; 35.0 mm.

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