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The Barn At Ross Farm Wedding Venue

The Barn At Ross Farm Wedding Venue Photos

The Barn At Ross Farm Wedding Venue


The Barn at Ross Farm is another excellent choice for a wedding venue.  When it comes to country chic or casual Fab, this is a North Georgia location to check out.

It is time to put on your boots and kick back and relax for a country wedding.  We have a pretty good list of wedding venues in the Chatsworth and Dalton area for your next wedding.  If you still need information or have any questions, our quick contact form takes just a few seconds and you will get a response ASAP.  If you want to see more of our work, take a look at our wedding gallery.

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The first line on their website states, “It’s a Country Thing…”.  So, get ready for a true country wedding.
Imagine 67 acres of private farm land (real working farm) and 5,000 square feet of covered concrete floors.  One of the most iconic features is a 1954 Chevy pick up truck, that alone says country.  Step outside the barn and see a beautiful pond with water feature.  I guess as wedding photographers we are attracted by the photo opportunities around a buckboard wagon or that 1954 Chevy pickup truck.  We would like to mention, as always, we do not have any connection with any wedding venue.   Part of our service (which is great BTW) is to inform you of options available.  If we can make selecting a wedding venue easier, then is a small way we helped make your planning a little easier.

The Barn At Ross Farm Wedding Photographers


Barn weddings will never go out of style.  That is a pretty bold statement, but true, at least if you are living in the south.  While preferences change from time to time, southern roots stay the same.  Barn Weddings, like those at the Barn At Ross Farm, will always be in demand.  That is just a southern fact.

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I guess that is where we come in.  Above anything else our goal is to capture the image and give top notch service, better than anyone else.  It is the service that sets us apart from the others.  Our clients know that we are always available.  We are not wedding planners, but we have seen about everything that goes on at a wedding.  We know what works and what does not.  Just like the information on our website, we try and provide helpful information to make your wedding day, a little extra special.

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