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About Bill & Jessica Photography

God, Country and Family. Pretty much sums up what we are all about. Our thought is without God there could be no country or family.

We are both passionate about photography. To us, it is more than just getting booked, it is about getting the image.

We are fortunate to be around people during happy moments, important moments and critical moments. We love capturing the emotions and the feelings of the day.

We want more than just memories, we want to capture the feelings. So you will to recall the way you felt at that moment.

I know you expect the normal, “Oh we had a camera when we were two years old and that started our love for photography”. While some of that may be true, photography developed later in both of our lives.

A bit earlier for Jessica. I was the photographer of the local high school and photographed Jessica when she was doing dance and cheer and other activities.

I noticed in some places she would have a camera. She would be taking pictures of the same event maybe for the yearbook or an article or whatever.

After high school she furthered that desire with a better camera and begin to take more elaborate images. That is when we decided that she could come and work with me.

It did not take long for Jessica to develop to be more than just someone carrying lights. Very shortly she became a second photographer.

Today she is a full-time photographer and we both do the same thing. We are both very capable of shooting a wedding individually.

However, with trends changing and a lot of people wanting a second photographer, we fit right in. So, while using a second photographer may be new for some, to us it was just normal. It is kind of what we just always did.

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